Pray for Thailand | An Interactive Guide

By faith we see the unreached of Thailand authentically responding to the Gospel and discipled into biblically-based, community transforming churches that engage in mission.
— SIM Thailand Vision Statement

Religions in Thailand


•    Evangelism and Church Planting
•    University Ministry
•    MK Education
•    Leadership and Administration
•    Sports Friends
•    English Teaching
•    Counseling
•    Radical Grace-HIV/AIDS Outreach
•    Business for Transformation


Photo by  Ian Fuller

Photo by Ian Fuller

There are 170 universities in Thailand and 2.5 million students, many of whom come from areas of the country where the gospel has never been preached. University age is often a time of finding one’s self and considering new ideas, making it a great opportunity to introduce students to Christ. Most of Thailand’s universities currently have no Christian work happening among students. Opportunities exist from opening new campuses to joining an existing campus work.  Teaching English is a large and strategic opportunity as the new ASEAN community has chosen English as its medium for communication and students know that their career success will be dependent on their ability to speak English.  They desire to learn from native English speakers.  Our desire is to have workers who are committed to building relationships with Thai university students, evangelizing and discipling new believers.  


Pray for workers to reach out to university students, particularly a University Ministry Team Leader.


Less than a quarter of one percent of the more than 19 million Central Thai are evangelical Christian. The Central Thai live in the central plain region of Thailand, which includes the capital city of Bangkok. Many of the districts and sub-districts in the central region of Thailand have no known Christians and no Christian workers. SIM is working to build multi-skilled church planting teams to bring the gospel to this significant group of people in Thailand. 

Pray for workers to come and work on multi-skilled church planting teams in the least-reached areas of Thailand.

Photo by Chad Loftis

Photo by Chad Loftis


Many of SIM's cross-cultural workers hoping to plant churches in Thailand's little-reached rural areas are parents with children. With very few affordable international-level elementary and high school options available homeschooling becomes a necessity. But when homeschooling is a poor fit, families may be forced to divide their time between the local communities they have come to serve and living with their children to schools in other regions. Some families will separate during the school term - the children living in dormitories and attending international school while the parents continue their work in the countryside. But even in comparatively large regional international schools like Grace International School in Chiang Mai, there is always a shortage of qualified volunteer teachers to help ensure that families can go on spreading good news in places without any witness for Jesus Christ. 

Pray for educational resources for missionary kids, especially for the children of non-Thai gospel workers who are living in rural areas. Pray for volunteer teachers to come and work in Thailand with missionary kids.