Pray that more young men like Pbeemai (read his story here) will be introduced to Jesus and see the value of sport as a tool for serving him.

Pray for Sports Friends trainers who are mentoring the mentors of thousands of youth all over South East Asia, Africa and South America.

Pray for wisdom beyond their years and an openness to the Holy Spirit for all the women and men serving with Sports Friends. 

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Pray for more coaches like Aof (watch her story here) who can use their own experiences of deciding to follow Christ to mentor kids in their communities. 

Pray for the hundreds of local football clubs that are currently mentoring youth throughout Southeast Asia as a result of Sports Friends coach training. 

Pray for the Sports Friends trainers and leadership in Northern and Central Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and India. Pray for team unity, wisdom and energy. 

AuthorChad Loftis
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