Pray for Chetna staff to have wisdom, creativity, and stamina to face the challenges and opportunities they encounter on a daily basis (read more here). Their work is possible because of the good relationships they strive to maintain in the villages. Pray that those relationships would grow stronger and be protected. 

Pray for the dozens of village teachers, nurses and other volunteers who make the programs possible. Pray that they would be diligent, dedicated, and excited about their job. 

Pray for the villages in Bihar to be transformed into communities where men, women, and children can thrive and live into their fullest potential. 

Pray that Indians would have chance to encounter Jesus in a way that will not seem foreign to their culture and experience. 

Pray that the Indian Life of Christ and Lives of the Indian Saints film strip series rediscovered by Johanan (read about his search here) will give new generations of Indians a window into Christ's life and the lives of those that follow him. 

AuthorChad Loftis
CategoriesAsia, India