Pray that more physical and occupational therapists would serve in Niger and/or join the team at Galmi Hospital (read more here) - there is a huge need for PTs and OTs. Pray that there would be opportunities to train and equip locals.

Pray that for people like Amir, who needed a prosthetic hand, that they would be encouraged as they learn to make adjustments to their lives.

Pray for the children of disabilities and their mothers, that they would feel loved and cared for in a culture where disability is associated with shame. 

Pray that Deb and her team would have wisdom as they help patients, and their patients' families as well. Pray that Deb and her team continue to build trust with the community and those they are serving.

Pray for Saroj and his new wife to adjust well to married life and build a trusting relationship. (See the story here)

Pray for Chetna staff as they seek to do their community development work and also support their volunteers in difficult personal situations.

Pray for those like Saroj who have a bad reputation but are seeking to live a new life to be given grace and new opportunities to serve their communities.

AuthorSarah Kidd

Pray for Chetna staff to have wisdom, creativity, and stamina to face the challenges and opportunities they encounter on a daily basis (read more here). Their work is possible because of the good relationships they strive to maintain in the villages. Pray that those relationships would grow stronger and be protected. 

Pray for the dozens of village teachers, nurses and other volunteers who make the programs possible. Pray that they would be diligent, dedicated, and excited about their job. 

Pray for the villages in Bihar to be transformed into communities where men, women, and children can thrive and live into their fullest potential. 

Pray that the women involved in Chora (read more here), would grow in confidence as they learn skills, work, and earn an income. Pray that these women would grow in community with each other.

Pray that God would lead people in the States to partner with and advocate for Chora and the women this ministry supports.

Pray for Ghie and Amy, that they would have discernment as they seek to make the business sustainable. 

AuthorDenise Poon