Pray for families who are choosing between the long-term vision of education and the short-term need to provide food and shelter. Pray they'll have wisdom, foresight, courage, and that God will provide for their needs.

Pray for teachers and administrators of rural schools to be creative and compassionate as they teach in difficult environments.

Pray for Chetna staff as they seek to support communities in solving their own problems.

Pray for kids like Sacchi and Ashish to study well and be a blessing to their families and communities. - Photo by Sarah K

Pray for kids like Sacchi and Ashish to study well and be a blessing to their families and communities. - Photo by Sarah K

AuthorSarah K.
CategoriesIndia, Asia

Pray that the students would grow spiritually, and that the Christian and Muslim students would continue to grow together and respect each others' beliefs at Allied Model School (AMS) (read more here).

Pray for discernment for the right balance between training teachers while also meeting the teach needs of AMS. Pray for more training programs for teachers, including short-term overseas teacher trainers and mentors.

Praise God for the gradual growth of the school; pray for continued vision for the purpose and development of the school.

Pray for a full-time principal to join the team; the interim principal has been serving for the past four years.

Pray for more native English speakers to volunteer as teachers in Thailand. Helping Thai people learn English is a major government initiative across the country and children who can speak English well have many more future and employment prospects than those who can't. Pray that this could also be a way for Thai people to be introduced to Jesus Christ.

Pray for Good Kids Preschool (read and watch a video about them here) as they try to give less wealthy families access to excellent bilingual education and the love of God. 

Pray for Mary and other foreign missionaries using their teaching and English skills to help local projects like Good Kids Preschool provide education at a low cost.

AuthorChad Loftis
CategoriesThailand, Asia

Pray for The Lighthouse Centre (TLC), that the staff would continue to grow as individuals and continue to foster love and community amongst their students and students' families.

Pray that students in this country would feel encouraged and find ways to grow, even if they face much pressure to perform well in school. 

Pray for Rose, that she would continue learning in her role at TLC and that she would find time to rest and grow in her relationship with God.

AuthorDenise Poon