How to Use SIM Stories Prayer Guides


SIM's motto for some 80 years has been "By Prayer". We believe prayer is one of the most important ways God's kingdom grows and our lives are transformed.

Our prayer guides are intended to help you pray intelligently, specifically and imaginatively for SIM's work in different parts of the world or areas of ministry. They are not, by any means, exhaustive but we hope they will get you started.

We suggest you sit down alone or in a group with one of our prayer guides in front of you. There are any number of ways to pray through each of these guides. One way to start would be to pray a little for some of the requests you'll see throughout the prayer guide. Then watch one of the videos or read one of the articles linked to the page. When you pray again you can use the names of real people and have a picture in your mind of their face and the places where they live and work.

A lot of the information in these prayer guides is taken from SIM International's annual prayer guide. Other sections have been added to give you a bit more information about the country or issue in question. Some sections are regularly updated as new stories from that country or about that issue are published on SIM Stories. Keep checking back for new stories and prayer requests to go with them.