The SIM South Sudan Harvest Worker project is helping mobilise those who are ready to go to serve in South Sudan

Pictures and video by Neil Sandoz. Words by Timothy Coleman.

Getachew and Builanty are deeply discipling new believers from the Jumjum Tribe in South Sudan and even sending out new missionaries from those communities. 

“They are sharing the gospel every place, without shame”, says Getachew. 

Marilla and Marina have incredible vision and heart to build a primary school from the ground up. They are taking their passions and teaching locals in the community. 

“God gave me this heart for kids, I love them so much”, says Marilla. “Education is power and a weapon. I am so happy that I have the privilege and opportunity to serve here”, says Marina.

Getachew, Builanty, Marilla and Marina are from Ethiopia, India and the Philippines respectively. Were it not for the Harvest Worker project, they would not have been able to serve and be part of the community in Doro, South Sudan.

What is the Harvest Worker Project?

The Harvest Worker project helps to send people who are ready to go to South Sudan, for whom the cost would otherwise be prohibitive. 

Practically, it’s not easy to send a missionary. A place like Doro in South Sudan, where the SIM team is based, is an expensive place to live, especially flights in and out of the country. 

Sending churches do indeed cover a portion of the financial cost, while SIM's Harvest Worker project makes up the rest, giving the green light for a missionary to go.

What we see is a project that pulls together the body of Christ from around the world. Sending churches of these missionaries and the church in South Sudan are becoming one. 

Churches from the global South are taking part in the great commission, equipping and sending their own people to the nations. It's a beautiful picture.

Harvest Worker Impact 

In South Sudan where the Harvest Worker project has been in action for a few years, the impact is clear. We are seeing a transformed SIM team, Doro community and the church worldwide is coming together. 

Harvest Worker missionaries like Getachew, Builanty, Marilla and Marina are from neighbouring Ethiopia and from other communal culture countries. They have been quick to adapt and be part of the community in South Sudan, perhaps more so than missionaries ‘from the West’. 

“One of my favourite things about being part of the SIM South Sudan team, is serving with a multi-cultural team. There is so much depth in or conversations and our ability to reach out and minister to people because we have a team from many cultures. But also it is a lot a fun!”, says Amie from USA. 

“The picture from Revelation is that all tribes and nations will worship God. We want to build teams that look like that. We are honoured to have the Harvest Worker project, because we see its effectiveness”, says Chris, East Africa Regional Director. 

“It’s more toward developing the kingdom of God than it is about helping one individual”, says Deane, South Sudan Director.

"It is exciting to see what the Harvest Workers have done over this last decade. Imagine what God can do with more called, equipped and passionate Harvest Workers that go from the nations, to the nations.”, says Chris.

If you would like to find out more about the Harvest Worker project or would like to support the work, please visit the SIM website. Please quote the project number, which is SS 98400. If you give via the US, you can do so via this link

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AuthorTimothy Coleman