It's been an exciting year for SIM Stories and we're happy to have brought you more stories than ever in our short history and some of our best stories to date. It's also been the year of SIM Stories Africa!

Here are some of our contributors' and editors' favourites of 2016. Have an amazing New Year!

The Nine Year Secondary Education

"Reflecting on the videos that I have been part of, I think this one is my favourite because it was the most complex narrative to piece together and I think the end results are quite moving. The story 'ticks many boxes' - SIM/ church partnership/ education/ evangelism/ long term commitment to people. All things SIM stands for." - Tim Coleman

Wiping Bottoms and Bringing Good News

"I love this story because it touches on what is often a hidden reality in missions work: the confusing, stressful job of being a stay-at-home-mother in a new culture - especially one with very strong gender roles. How does a woman with small kids bring the gospel to communities where women are not really esteemed?" - Chad Loftis

Courageous Mission

"We've had some great photographs this year but I think this story by Tim had some of my favourites." - Denise Poon. 

The Long Road Back to Normal

"I love Denise’s piece following up from the Nepal earthquake last year. It highlights some important world events and I love its telling of how SIM fits into this much bigger story of human suffering and survival one year after the quake." - John Stuart

"For me, my stories on Nepal stand out because I really enjoyed getting to be there and meet many of these people and see the incredible landscapes they inhabit. I won't forget the trip that led to these stories!" - Denise Poon

God's Good Work: Dr. Vandana's Story

"I really love and value this woman. I love the story because it shows not only the work God's done in her life, but also the work he's doing through her in an entire community." - Sarah Kidd

Holding Out a Hand for Nairobi's Street Children

"In terms of impact as well as potential impact in mobilising the Kenyan church to help with street children I really liked working on this story." - Tim Coleman

Burrito Blessings

"I have a personal attachment to this story because it was so lovely to work with Pawn. She's such a friendly, cheerful person. It was also my first time doing an interview completely in Thai! Thankfully Pawn speaks fairly clearly and slowly for slow-pokes like me - even that didn't stop me from misunderstanding some things and asking some embarrassing questions anyway. I love Denise's article that fills out the story told in the video, too." - Chad Loftis 

In the wake of Ebola, SIM offers ground-breaking medical treatment

"I like this piece about Ebola - again for the significance of this ministry on the world scene and how SIM workers are playing such a key role in cutting edge Ebola survivor treatment." - John Stuart

Praying even after the world has moved on

"I liked how this story poked at the near-flippancy with which we cycle through tragedy stories and the tension we feel about how to pray for the overwhelming need in the world." - Sarah Kidd

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